SunCatcher Pontoon Boat Construction

SunCatcher Foundation
There are as many ways to build a pontoon as there are ways to build a house, and the quality of both depend on building on a solid foundation.

The best way to have a superior foundation when building a superior pontoon boat is by through-bolting one-piece extruded cross members directly to the top of “U”-shaped flotation logs. This is a more labor intensive method of construction and very few pontoon manufacturers pursue this method.

SunCatcher construction not only through-bolts all cross members directly to high-volume “U”-shaped logs, but also attaches all cross members 16” on-center, for the full length of the boat. Others often use 16” OC only for their premium series, or not at all.

G3 uses 16” OC cross members for all models, and this provides unsurpassed strength and rigidity for all SunCatcher foundations.

Other manufacturers using spot-welded “M”-shaped brackets, are compensating for the lack of flat surface space on top of a round pontoon log, and are creating an artificial flat platform on which they place cross members and attach a deck. This spot welding makes the “M” brackets inherently weaker than the SunCatcher “U”-Log construction method.

“U”-shaped logs sit higher in the water with less drag on the side of the pontoon. This results in more efficient use of fuel, and higher performance, than the low-volume round logs many manufacturers use to save costs. SunCatcher pontoons give you "quality you can trust” due to all of these reasons.


One-piece extruded cross members form a solid foundation.

Cross members through-bolted to full length of deck and nosecone.

Flotation Blocks
With the additional closed-cell foam flotation blocks inside the logs, SunCatcher construction goes above and beyond the industry standard. Even the Coast Guard does not require the additional foam flotation found in all SunCatcher pontoons, we add it simply for your family’s peace of mind. It is called “redundant flotation” and it means that unlike air-filled round logs, you will always have “back- up” flotation even in the unlikely event of a log puncture.

These lightweight foam blocks DO NOT absorb water and add even more rigidity to the log, which eliminates flex and increases performance.

Closed-cell foam flotation.

SunCatcher Decks
All SunCatcher decks extend right to the end of the pontoon log, and the very tip of each nosecone is through-bolted directly to a cross member. Not only does this add to the overall strength of the pontoon foundation, but it also gives you the maximum deck space available.

When you buy a 26’ SunCatcher pontoon, you are getting a full 26’ deck, not a 24’ deck and a foot or two of extended nosecone. In addition, all of our pontoon decking is top-quality 7-ply marine grade treated plywood, with a limited lifetime guarantee direct from the manufacturer. There is no cost to the consumer for labor or materials for the first TEN years of ownership should warranty work need to be scheduled on the deck of a SunCatcher pontoon. After that period, only labor charges will apply. Replacement decking is covered for as long as the original buyer owns the pontoon.


Top-quality 7-ply marine grade treated plywood.

Under-deck Performance Shields
All X Series and Elite models feature full-length under-deck performance shields as standard equipment, unlike many boat builders. These shields add value by increasing fuel efficiency, speed, and durability. High-performance full-length lifting strakes are also standard equipment on all tri- log models.


Under-deck performance shields on all X Series and Elite models.

Superior Quality
There is an extremely easy way to compare pontoon construction. Simply look under the trim band in the bow of the boat.

Are the logs tied to the frame, are the nosecones an intricate part of the construction, are cross members extended out to the trim for support and are they reinforced, or welded to the trim band? The answer to all, when you look at SunCatcher, is YES.

Look closely at the anodized deck rails and trim. Spacers under the rails allow rainwater to escape from the deck, welds are precise and well placed, and convenient lift-up gates have positive stops, open inward, and are reinforced with additional bracing.

It’s that attention to detail that adds up to superior quality, and as a result, gives you superior value in a SunCatcher pontoon.

Reinforced construction means superior quality.